Inspire Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treat Sleep Apnea Without a Mask

If you are struggling with sleep apnea and dreading the cumbersome CPAP mask every night you can find relief with Inspire® Therapy, a revolutionary and mask-free approach to treating sleep apnea. We understand that traditional treatments can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, leading many patients to abandon their therapy altogether. With Inspire® Therapy, you can finally break free from the limitations of a mask and enjoy restful, uninterrupted sleep.

inspire sleep apnea

What is Inspire® Therapy?

Inspire® Therapy is a small, implantable device that works seamlessly with your natural breathing process. Unlike CPAP machines, which rely on continuous airflow, Inspire® Therapy stimulates your airway muscles to keep them open while you sleep. This means no more uncomfortable masks, noisy machines, or air leaks that disrupt your slumber.

How It Works

Inspire® Therapy treats obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition where the airway becomes partially or completely blocked during sleep. This blockage causes interrupted breathing, leading to poor sleep quality and various health issues.

The Inspire® device is implanted during a simple outpatient procedure. Once in place, it continuously monitors your breathing patterns during sleep. When it detects an impending blockage, it delivers mild stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve, which controls the tongue and other key airway muscles. This stimulation gently moves the tongue and other tissues away from the airway, allowing for unobstructed breathing.

The best part?

Inspire® Therapy adapts to your unique breathing patterns, ensuring that it only activates when necessary. This means you can enjoy a full night’s sleep without even realizing the device is there. 

inspire sleep apnea
inspire sleep apnea

Inspire® Therapy Might Be Right for You

It’s essential to consider your individual needs and preferences when exploring treatment options. Inspire® Therapy is an excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Have moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Have not experienced improvement with CPAP or other therapies.
  • Struggle with mask discomfort, claustrophobia, or skin irritation.
  • Are looking for a long-term, effective solution to sleep apnea.

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is here to help you determine if Inspire® Therapy is the right choice for you.

Meet Dr. Anagnos

Dr. Vincent J. Anagnos, DO, is a distinguished otolaryngologist with expertise in pediatric and adult ear, nose, and throat disorders. His extensive background, including completing his residency at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, has uniquely positioned him to provide top-quality care.

Dr. Anagnos specializes in areas relevant to Inspire® Therapy, such as obstructive sleep apnea, making him a valuable resource for patients seeking innovative treatments like the Inspire® implant. With a commitment to patient-centered care and access to state-of-the-art facilities like Orlando Health and University Surgical Center, Dr. Anagnos is a trusted partner in helping individuals find effective solutions for sleep apnea and other ear, nose, and throat conditions.


Getting Started

Are you ready to take control of your sleep and embrace a life free from the challenges of sleep apnea? Getting started with Inspire® Therapy is a straightforward process, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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