Xoran MiniCAT

The latest in 3D imaging scanners

Diagnosing Ear, Nose & Throat-related Problems Like Sinusitis

One of the most commonly used tools in diagnostic medicine for ear, nose, and throat-related problems like sinusitis is a CT or CAT scan. This is a large diagnostic imaging scanner that takes 3-dimensional cross-sectional x-ray images of the body. With this type of scan, you’re sent off to another room or sometimes another facility. For those who just need their head, neck, or throat looked at, a large CT scan isn’t always practical. This is why, we at Florida Otolaryngology Group, P.A., are excited to offer the Xoran MiniCAT, the latest in 3D imaging scanners.

A middle-aged woman suffering from her Sinusitis.
The doctor explaining the MiniCAT result to the patient.

What Is the Xoran MiniCAT?

The Xoran MiniCAT is a low-dose, compact, and upright CT scanner that is specifically designed to take x-ray images of a patient’s sinuses, temporal bones, and skull base. Unlike traditional, large, multi-purpose scanners that take full-body scans, the Xoran MiniCat is much better suited for ENT patients who do not need to be subjected to high levels of radiation.

What Are The Advantages of the Xoran MiniCAT CT Scanner?

The scanning process with the Xoran MiniCat is fast, painless, and can be done directly in the office so that you don’t have to head to another facility. The Xoran MiniCat offers the following advantages to our patients:

  • The scan lasts less than 40-seconds, meaning it can be performed same-day.
  • Same-day diagnosis helps minimize insurance co-pays.
  • Patients are not confined to a full-body tube, minimizing claustrophobia.
  • The upright design is more patient-friendly to pediatric patients.
  • It is a low-dose radiation option, minimizing your exposure.
  • Faster diagnosis means a faster treatment plan by our physicians.
Result after undergoing the MiniCAT.
A doctor explaining that the patient needs to undergo a MiniCAT.

How Does The Xoran MiniCAT Work?

If you are in need of a CT scan of your neck or head, you will be directed to sit in the Xoran MiniCAT’s chair. From here, simply stay still while the overhead arm makes a single rotation around your head. For adults, this can take anywhere from 40-60-seconds and for children, it can take less than 20-seconds. Once the scan is complete, your physician will be able to take a look and provide a diagnosis and potential treatment plan.

How Safe Is The Xoran MiniCAT?

Since the Xoran MiniCAT is optimized for scanning the head and neck area, it administers 1/10th to 1/50th of the radiation when compared with traditional CT scans for the chest, head, and pelvis. This makes it an effective, convenient, and safe option for those who are concerned about radiation exposure. If you’d like to learn more about our in-office Xoran MiniCat CT scans, please contact us at (407) 677-0099 or book an appointment now. 

Knowing how safe is the MiniCAT.

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