Comprehensive Audiologic Testing

Comprehensive Audiologic Testing

A Comprehensive Audiogram is a graphical representation of how well a patient can hear. It measures hearing sensitivity at different frequencies, as well as a persons ability to understand speech. The audiogram can be used to diagnose auditory pathologies and to evaluate a patient for hearing aids. We perform our comprehensive audiograms in a soundproof booth. By deliviering different sounds, pitches and words through earphones, our audiologist is able to determine the degree, configuration and type of hearing loss, if any, a patient might experience. The average audiogram takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Audiogram frequency.
Audiogram test- normal hearing.

An audiogram representing a person with normal hearing.

Audiogram test- mild hearing loss.

 Symptoms of mild hearing loss include trouble hearing and understanding soft speech, speech from a distance or speech in background noise.

Audiogram test- moderate hearing loss.

Symptoms of moderate hearing loss includes difficulty hearing regular speech, even at close distances.

Audiogram test- severe hearing loss.

Persons with severe hearing loss may only hear loud speech or loud environmental sounds such as a fire truck passing or a door slamming.

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